Senior Electrical Designer/Engineer

Feb 11, 2020Open Positions

An Electrical Designer for the consulting engineering firm of Arizona Pinnacle Engineering, LLC requires independent management of time and skills, so that all described activities are completed in a timely and professional manner.  The skills required to accomplish these tasks should be highly developed and performed to a high degree of accuracy.  This position is paid on an hourly basis with overtime, as required.

Required Skills

  1. A high school diploma or GED, an AA degree or some other college work is preferred.
  2. Five (5) years of appropriate work experience as an Electrical Designer in the Construction Industry, or two (2) years of work experience with a BSE degree.
  3. A thorough working knowledge of the latest version of AutoCAD, and/or Revit, Microsoft Windows, Word, Excel, Outlook, and SKM, PTW Software.
  4. A thorough knowledge of current building codes including The National Electric Code, International Energy Conservation Code, and relevant sections of the International Building Code.


  1. Perform basic design work (plans and specifications) for current projects under the direct supervision of the Company’s Engineers, or Senior Designers. This includes designing and drafting detailed drawings of electrical systems, such as electrical distribution and lighting.
  2. Apply design knowledge in a manner compliant with applicable building codes.
  3. Prepare design calculations for sizing and selection of equipment.
  4. Prepare estimates of probable construction costs.
  5. Prepare other engineering calculations for review by the Company’s Engineers or Senior Designers.
  6. Edit specifications for electrical equipment.
  7. Perform field investigations of existing conditions.
  8. Convert redlines prepared by the Engineers or Senior Designers to CAD drawings.
  9. Set-up drawings based on architectural bases.
  10. Attend and participate in meetings with the Clients and Owners.
  11. Review electrical submittals and shop drawings.
  12. Insert new backgrounds as they are received from the architect.
  13. Perform site observations during construction.
  14. Perform other tasks as deemed necessary or directed to assist the Owners, Engineers, and/or Senior Designers.

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